Training, Presentations and Lessons Sizzle With StoryTeller

Business and Training

Make every presentation, every meeting, every lesson come to life with the StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen from AccuWeather. From boardrooms and classrooms to training centers and virtual meetings, StoryTeller allows you to create impactful, interactive communications that keep your students, employees and business partners focused on your message.

  • Bring financial and business reports to life easily with charts, graphs and 3D modeling. Add interactive timelines, comparisons, charts and graphs easily.
  • For employee communications, create engaging presentations that bring clarity and meaning to your audience. Share strategies, goals, and regular updates.
  • For classrooms and educational settings, teach and explain with a presentation style that holds the attention of today’s media-savvy learners.
  • Inform business visitors and employees with informative way-finder and info-finder touchscreen technology.

Dynamically Incorporate Rich Content Into Presentations

Backed by customizable and sponsorable applications that bring any message to life, StoryTeller allows you to directly incorporate live video, images, graphics and web content for engaging and tailored presentations. The proprietary interactive touchscreen interface includes special features to easily move between information displays and to quickly swipe from one full-screen scene to the next.

And StoryTeller is available in a variety of screen sizes and physical packages to fit any location.

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