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Real-time traffic reports are now an easy-to-deliver, dynamic segment with StoryTeller.

With integrated traffic information powered by United States Traffic Network, broadcasters can create up-to-the-minute stories with insight into travel conditions and delays for every highway, interstate and local road across North America. Enhance your reports with a variety of viewer-focused – and viewer-reported -- information such as accidents, road closures and expected traffic impacts of local events like concerts and pro sports.

With the ability to add the superior accuracy of AccuWeather’s weather information, your audience gets even more insight on how current weather conditions impacts their commutes and plans.

Inform your audience of the effect of traffic and weather on your metro area.

AccuTraffic provides:

  • Weather information and its effects on traffic flow
  • Reports on the effect of weather on traffic
  • Tips for overcoming weather-related traffic problems
  • Calendar-related and seasonal tips

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StoryTeller is now on air in 14 of the top 15 U.S. television markets!​

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