Multimedia Touchscreen Platform for Weather Presentation Is Now A Mainstream Mainstay


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The StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen System has its roots in AccuWeather’s experience as the world’s leading multimedia weather information source. AccuWeather has over 50 years of experience in communicating complex, important – and frequently lifesaving – information in multiple settings to a highly diverse audience of over a billion people worldwide.

AccuWeather produces over 400 weather and lifestyle videos every day for use on web, mobile and television. StoryTeller was conceived as a platform to bring to those videos a fresh, more engaging style. We were seeking the same personalized, conversational immediacy and interaction that two friends experience when they sit down across a table with their laptop or tablet between them. StoryTeller delivers on that goal.

Leveraging a Half-Century of Multimedia Expertise

Once StoryTeller was on the air, it quickly became apparent that its ability to bring any story to life had a far greater reach than just weather – and indeed well beyond presenter-led sessions as well.​

In planning the comprehensive capabilities of the StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen System, we were able to build on the fact that mobile devices are a key part of AccuWeather’s communications strategy for weather information. Indeed, we produce applications for dozens of devices from every major mobile manufacturer.

We put that same expertise to use in the many advanced display and communication applications that are at the heart of StoryTeller’s power. Just as the apps on a modern smart phone give it a capability far beyond simple voice calls, the full suite of StoryTeller applications create a unique power to communicate and engage.

That is why we can say that, wherever the need, whatever the message, StoryTeller can bring any story to life!

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