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Brawn and brains … StoryTeller’s robust, powerful hardware system gives you the muscle to communicate, but it's the proprietary suite of StoryTeller Apps that deliver the smarts, letting you bring any story to life with rich content and dynamic information. StoryTeller Apps are easy to use, customizable, and flexible – providing you with a virtually unlimited array of options for communicating any story, in any forum, for any need.

  • StormDirector+ Video Wall

    StormDirector+ provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface making it easy for anyone to customize and present network quality local weather presentations, complimenting a station’s branded look and feel. Available as a stand-alone weather system, StormDirector+ is also fully compatible with StoryTeller.

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  • MediaMix Video Demo

    MediaMix allows you to easily incorporate graphics, canned videos, websites, and live video sources. Once loaded, you can then move, zoom, rotate and swipe them for a more detailed analysis. Complete video control allows you to play, pause, scrub, and loop videos, as well as play them in slow motion.

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  • StormDirector+ Interactive

    Combining the science and technology with stunningly clear graphics now allows you to present weather in the most dynamic, exciting, high-definition approach and in an instant not just on-air, but also online.

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  • DesignSpace Video Demo

    DesignSpace allows you to practically create your own application by plotting your own touch points and choosing what elements you want to highlight. So easy-to-use yet extremely powerful, StoryTeller’s DesignSpace empowers you to bring new angles and insights to any story and capture breaking news as it happens.

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  • Immersive Weather

    Stunning, hyper-realistic 3D views of the forecast exclusively available from AccuWeather, integrating high-resolution mapping and buildings, detailed weather conditions, interactive touchscreen controls, and more to deliver the highest impact, most sophisticated weather presentations.

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  • MapDesk Video Demo

    Now you have access to maps all over the world. MapDesk gives you the ability to go from a worldwide view down to street level. You can zoom to anywhere on the map with the touch of a finger.

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  • Live Polling App

    Add real-time viewer opinions from your website polls to any story. No coding or programming skills required.

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  • SocialPulse Video Demo

    SocialPulse has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it a snap to share social media commentary, videos and images about any story at any time. Import feeds from Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and perform location-based hashtag searches. A special preview feature allows for editing of posts for on-air suitability.

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  • Match-up App

    Designed for graphic appeal and ease-of-use, the Matchup App lets you highlight and compare sports teams, business teams, products, projects and more.

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  • MinuteCast

    Deliver minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours for any street location. Magnetic content for stadiums, concerts and community events.

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  • Timeline App Demo

    Days, weeks, months or years… the Timeline App makes it simple to bring the past, present and future to life with interactivity and beautiful graphics.

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  • Weather Demo

    Engage your audience and plan your business with the most accurate weather forecasts. AccuWeather powered MinuteCast technology available for branded partners.

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  • News Comparison App Demo

    Prices, quarterly results… almost anything you want to compare are now simple to present with the Comparison App.

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  • StoryTeller Charts and Graphs App

    The Charts and Graphs App brings breathes new life and interest into any data-driven subject.

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