Integrates dynamic content into broadcasts and presentations.

Provides dynamic and engaging content to more effectively cover broadcast presentations such as elections, crime, traffic, health and social media.

Allows you to easily cover topics such as breaking news, weather, sports, and more.

StormDirector+ AccuWeather’s all-new interactive weather system with advanced story-telling tools, proprietary data and stunning graphical capabilities.


Impress your audience with the same interactivity seen on network television!

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Venues & Places

Engage your visitors with a hands-on interactive
visual experience!

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Business & Training

Strengthen your message and engagement with the latest presentation styles!

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Dynamic Interactive Presentation Tools and Technology for Today’s Savvy Audiences

The StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen System, created by AccuWeather, brings the tools you need to add impact to your message, to differentiate yourself in the minds of your audience, and to keep them coming back for more.

StoryTeller brings any story to life because it responds to the way today’s tech-savvy population wants to receive information. Whether used in a presenter-led setting or operated by the viewer himself, StoryTeller’s easy-to-use, interactive interface adds personalized spontaneity and a contemporary flair to your message in a way that attracts and holds attention.

StoryTeller is available in sizes and enclosures to match any need, from information kiosks to exhibit halls, classrooms and broadcast studios.

Advanced Touchscreen Hardware Meets Scalable Software

​StoryTeller derives its unique value from the fact that it is much more than cutting-edge, high-resolution touchscreen hardware. The system also includes a constantly-growing set of software apps designed both to tell particular types of stories and to quickly create eye-catching interactive displays that illustrate stories on a multitude of topics.

StoryTeller apps expand the power of the touchscreen in the same way that apps on a smart phone take its capabilities far beyond simple voice calls.

StoryTeller incorporates graphics, live and recorded video, social media, and web content to tell your story. It accepts content from virtually any graphics creation tool or on-air broadcast system. And for presenter-led settings, it has full telestration capability to explain the story in a clear and conversational style.

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