StoryTeller Partnership with ViewSonic Produces Ideal Touchscreen

​AV Network attributed the unprecedented success of StoryTeller and penetration of the broadcast industry to the partnership between AccuWeather and ViewSonic. The StoryTeller team worked directly with the ViewSonic digital signage product team to develop the most ideal touchscreen for broadcast – the CDE8451-TL. The CDE8451-TL screen by ViewSonic is ideal for on-air use due to the infrared with shadow sense capabilities, as a result, the screen does not interact or respond with a simple graze or close contact with the screen, it needs to actually be touched directly to repsond. 

The 84-inch multi-touch CDE8451-TL is proving to be an ideal counterpart to AccuWeather’s suite of StoryTeller apps, accruing to Vice President of Display Systems and Services, Ryan C. Ayres. “The CDE8451-TL delivers the super responsive interactive experience required in our applications,” Ayres said. “The 4K resolution combined with its anti-glare panel and wide range of connectivity options allows AccuWeather the flexibility and versatility required in many of our proprietary interactive applications.” 

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