Recent News and Press About StoryTeller

StoryTeller Introduces New Features in Social Media App for Superior Viewer Engagement

​Enhanced Social Media App makes your viewers part of the story by integrating text and images, plus new video feeds and hashtag searches, from top social media platforms.AccuWeather Global Headquarters, April 8, 2014— Social media has the unique advantage of giving newsrooms instant feedback,… read more

AccuWeather Signs Agreement with Microsoft to Sell Perceptive Pixel Devices with StoryTeller

​AccuWeather Global Weather Center, April 7, 2014 - AccuWeather, Inc. has accepted an invitation to participate in the Microsoft Corp. Perceptive Pixel Pilot Partner Program. The official agreement allows AccuWeather, as one of a select number of program partners, to bring Microsoft’s latest… read more

StoryTeller Unveils AlertID® Crime App for the Newsroom

​New downloadable StoryTeller app puts public safety first, providing over 170 types of crime-related data, maps, and graphics for hyper-local, up-to-date crime reporting. AccuWeather Global Weather Center - April 7, 2014 - Crime reports are one of the most highly viewed topics in today’s… read more

StoryTeller® Dramatically Expands Interactive Newsroom Apps and Content, Featured in All Top 10 U.S.

​Industry’s only complete interactive touchscreen news solution launches content innovation across social media, traffic, crime, weather, and more, responding to major market demand.AccuWeather Global Weather Center – April 7, 2014– Newsrooms worldwide can now access a significantly… read more

AccuWeather StoryTeller™ Traffic App Now Includes INRIX Traffic News and Driver Data

Broadcasters Able to Offer Audiences Real-Time Traffic and Weather Information Through StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen SystemState College, PA, April 10, 2013  – AccuWeather, Inc. announced today the integration of INRIX real-time traffic and incident information, travel times and traffic… read more

StoryTeller™ Interactive Touchscreen System Now Positioned in All Top-Ten Broadcast Markets

Top Market Broadcasters Quickly Adopting AccuWeather’s Innovative StoryTeller Interactive SystemState College, PA, April 3, 2013  – AccuWeather, Inc. announced today the recent adoption of its StoryTeller interactive touchscreen system at television station WBZ in Boston. This upcoming installation… read more

StoryTeller™ Interactive Touchscreen System Adds Seven New Apps

Latest Introductions Expand Unique Toolset of AccuWeather’s Top-Selling Software-Hardware SystemState College, PA, April 3, 2013  – AccuWeather, Inc. announced today the addition of seven new software apps for its StoryTeller interactive touchscreen system. Supplementing an already-extensive… read more

AccuWeather Brings Engaging Interactivity to Digital Signage Systems

State College, PA, February 20, 2013  – StoryTeller®, Interactive Touchscreen System created by AccuWeather, now complements AccuWeather’s proven audience-building content to create digital signage networks that meet and exceed the interactive expectations of today’s device-savvy… read more

Altitude Sports & Entertainment Adopts Revolutionary Technology with AccuWeather’s StoryTeller

State College, PA, June 6, 2012  – AccuWeather, creator of StoryTeller™, Interactive Touchscreen System, today announced the placement of StoryTeller in the studios of Altitude , allowing them to enhance their studio productions and Bring Any Story to Life™. StoryTeller engages viewers by… read more

AccuWeather Provides Telestrating Capabilities over Websites for StoryTeller

State College, PA, April 10, 2012  – AccuWeather, the world’s leading multimedia weather information source, announced today advanced telestration capabilities within StoryTeller™, Interactive Touchscreen System. AccuWeather’s latest enhancement to StoryTeller allows the presenter… read more

AccuWeather’s StoryTeller now utilized by ABC Owned Stations in Top Four U.S. Television Markets

State College, PA, March 12, 2012  – AccuWeather today announced the placement of StoryTeller™, an Interactive Touchscreen System which brings any story to life, in the top 4 television markets. The ABC Owned Stations, WABC-TV New York City (Market 1), KABC-TV Los Angeles (Market 2), WLS-TV… read more

AccuWeather Presents New Interactive Graphics System: StoryTeller

State College, PA, February 23, 2012  – AccuWeather today announced the release of StoryTeller™, an Interactive Touchscreen System which brings any story to life like never before. StoryTeller engages viewers by putting all the elements of breaking news, sports, traffic and weather literally… read more